What to do When the RAID Array Fails

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Analyst Report on RAID storage failure

There exists a myth that Redundant Array of of Independent Disks (RAID) storage is beyond approach where data loss is concerned.

While most disk drives have a projected service life of five years, the reality is hard drives are built for different levels of reliability depending on how they will be used. Perhaps the drives will be deployed in a multi-disk server, Storage Attached Network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS) or RAID configuration.

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On a weekly basis, CBL Data Recovery receives inquiries from frantic IT staff of Enterprise and small and medium-sized businesses who face potential data loss as a result of failing RAID storage. And, there’s no denying that thoughts of lost business, lost jobs, lost productivity and loss of revenue are running through minds.

Multiple drive failures are not uncommon. IT managers who attempt to repair a failing RAID array could compound the problem.

If you have a multi-disk system, discover how you can lessen the impact on your business when, not if, your RAID fails.

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