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To keep a festive mood over what was a holiday season in many parts of the CBL globe we counted up the 12 Days of Christmas on Twitter for the last week and a bit. Of course, it wasn’t really 12 days of ‘gifts’ but rather data recovery bits & bytes our customers have given us over the past year.

Here they are, data recovery style:

The 12 Days of Recovery

In the 12 Days of Christmas customers sent to us,
a great big present for getting their data,
eleven bearings scraping,
ten boards a-beeping,
nine platters crashing,
eight heads a-clicking,
seven arms a-sweeping,
six techs a-praying,
five spindle rings,
four offline RAIDs,
three shattered iPhones,
two burned-out flash drives,
and a dead drive with their family tree!

We come across many of these things while recovering many of the various hard drives, laptops, desktop systems, flash cards, usb keys, external storage, RAID arrays, tapes, and servers we recover data from throughout the course of a year.

Speaking of years, Happy New Year to Platter Chatter readers and internet followers and customers!

2012 was a year of great moments. While we are always faced by political, economic, physical, and emotional challenges, the world was united by tragedy, and taken to new heights by its triumphs. Thanks to technology we continue to be more globally connected and active than ever before.

Hope you had a good holiday season and now that 2013 is in full swing wish you all the best for a prosperous 2013.

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