You're not alone if you take for granted when you turn on your computer that your files will still be there. However, did you know:

Your data is priceless and the benefit of the CBL Data Recovery Service Protection Plan is as well:

Nominal fee for one or three years of coverage

A CBL Data Recovery Service Protection Plan offers financial relief in the event you face an unplanned expenditure for data recovery charges.

One Year
 US $49.99
Three Years
 US $99.99
No Plan
 US $400-$2000+
Less than 14 cents/day Less than 10 cents/day Per incident

Data recovered from your registered hard drive which becomes inaccessible as a result of mechanical failure such as platter damage, read/write head crashes, file and partition deletions or changes, files overwritten, logical/software failures, physical damage from fire or flood, virus contamination or human error.

Regardless of the cause of data loss, CBL will endeavour to recover your data which has become inaccessible on the registered hard drive. A 30 day grace period is in effect upon payment.

Following the 30 day grace period, CBL will recover the data on the hard drive that you registered.

Data returned on CDs or DVDs

Standard destination media for your recovered data is CD or DVD. Your recovered data can be returned on an external hard drive for an additional charge.

Unlimited data recovery incidents for your registered hard drive for the coverage period

Unfortunately, computers are not like watches. If they take a beating, the hard drive will start clicking and that's not a good sign. Fortunately for computer users who have paid and registered their hard drive under the CBL Data Recovery Service Protection Plan, they can rest a little easy.

Access to CBL's data recovery service around the globe.

Whether you're on the road with your laptop or move, data on your registered hard drive can be recovered at any of CBL's data recovery laboratories around the world.

Minimize the cost of resolving data disappearances and minimizes downtime.

Avoid paying standard fees for data recovery. CBL DRSPP customers get their data recovered sooner rather than having to "save" to get their data back.

Avoid the inconvenience and expense of sending your hard drive for an evaluation and quote. With a CBL DRSPP, once you ship us the registered drive, it goes immediately into our "Recovery Room".

Spend a little now and avoid an unplanned expenditure later. After all, it's not a matter of "if" a data loss disaster will happen; it's simply a matter of when.

Inquire about a Price Protection plan with your next recovery

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