Suffer a RAID failure?

CBL Data Recovery can help. Don't put your critical data and business at risk.

Rapid RAID Response - Data Recovery Service

CBL Data Recovery can help you swiftly get your critical data back so you can maintain seamless business continuity.

Maintaining business continuity, that’s what CBL’s Rapid RAID Response is all about.

CBL’s data recovery expertise extends to every make, model and manufacturer of computer hardware and enterprise storage systems. Our staff are experts at retrieving lost data from any RAID architecture, any RAID level and any RAID controller.

Only with CBL’s Rapid RAID Response Service do you get arranged pick-up of your media to get it straight into the main lab to begin it’s free standard evaluation process.

Do not put your data and business at risk.

What you should do right now:

  • Do not panic.
  • Turn off the affected computer hardware.
  • Do not attempt to repair the failed device or Array.
  • Do not run volume repair or defragmenter utilities on the drives in question.
  • Contact CBL Data Recovery at 1-800-551-3917 24×7×365.

Once your drives are in CBL’s state-of-the-art laboratory, you can focus on restoring your critical business functions while CBL data recovery experts focus on the recovery your data.

Whether your data loss is the result of hard drive failure, RAID device failure, RAID container damage, software corruption, or physical damage from fire, flood or other natural disaster, CBL extends to you a “No Data, No Charge” service guarantee.

Our service guarantee applies to systems running Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server or older; Unix based systems such as Solaris, HP-UX and AIX; Linux, including Mandriva, Red Hat and Ubuntu; and, the Mac OS.

Don’t put your critical data and business at risk. Call CBL now at 1-800-551-3917 or click below to start the RAID recovery process online.

Start the RAID Data Recovery Process

For more information on What To Do When the RAID Array Fails [pdf] download a complimentary copy of the IDC Viewpoint analyst report.