June 10

Data recovery is frequently confused with data restoration. In data restoration, data is brought back from backup media sources. In data recovery, there is no data backup.

Data recoveries at the desktop level are extremely common, and involve the retrieval of data from CD’s and hard drives on personal computers.

More complex data recoveries occur at the enterprise level, where networked hard drives, RAID arrays, tape, optical media, corrupted databases and file systems from multi-user business systems must be retrieved.

Whether data loss and recovery occurs on a desktop or an enterprise level, every data recovery case is unique. The process of data recovery is resource-intensive and highly technical.

If the data you cannot access is priceless, irreplaceable or is critical to your livelihood and your business continuity depends on that data, consider the following:

  1. Established firms bring expertise and experience to the table.
  2. With experience comes reputation.
  3. A global presence that commands a global reputation.
  4. Independence.
  5. Don’t let price influence your decision.
  6. Evaluation Fees.
  7. Availability.
  8. Size doesn’t matter.
  9. Customers keep coming back.
  10. Beware of companies promoting a 100% recovery rate.

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