August 23

Russian hackers? Ransomware before it was a thing? Listen to a short story from the CBL lab about a case that had everything.

After over 25 years of 1’s and 0’s, CBL data recovery labs have encountered plenty of interesting scenarios. In this account, an online casino host’s data is taken hostage by Russian hackers and CBL helps recover it.

Listen to the audio below:

Ransomware is definitely a thing now

Ransomware Attacks graph by size of breach on the site Information Is Beautiful
Ransomware Attacks: A data-visualization of recent and notable ransomware attacks. Visit here to interact with the chart.

When the above data recovery project happened, data loss cases involving ransomware attacks weren’t really prevalent and definitely not as complex as they are now.

In the years since the above case (which was more of a security breach coupled with a data corruption issue), ransomware has become pretty much the number one threat in all data security breaches. In 2019 attacks rose by 62 percent worldwide, and by 158 percent in North America alone. We’ve all heard the numerous instances at large and small companies and public services making the news. Check out this visualization of the timeline of recent ransomware attacks was put together by Information Is Beautiful. It really gives a sense of the massive explosion in cybersecurity incidents involving ransomware.

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