CBL Pictures: Size doesn't matter

22 May 2013

We don’t see these sort of gigantic hard drives in our data recovery labs often anymore, but it’s no problem…

The read/write heads of an old hard drive sent in for recovery - pictured with a quarter for size comparison

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Have You Seen My Data?

19 March 2013

This is more like ‘lost devices’, not quite the kind of data loss we deal with, but at CBL we feel concerned customers’ pain every day in recovery inquiries like these.

Feel the pain of lost data - Full version after the jump

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CBL Pictures: Gigabyte to Terabytes

30 August 2012

For fun, here is a comparison of some old storage media with something in our data recovery lab right now.

a 1 GB IBM 3380 from 1980 and a RAID array case in our data recovery lab today 48TB

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CBL Pictures: Submerged

24 August 2011

wet water-submerged hard drive NAS device headed to recovery at CBL Data Recovery You wouldn’t expect this situation to come up, but then again, most (many?) data loss disasters aren’t expected. We see natural disasters involving tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, heavy storms and the resulting water-damaged hard drives, burnt computers, and power-outage crashed hard disks….. but it’s the odd ones that come along every so often that get us.

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CBL Pictures: iPhone teardown for recovery

9 April 2010

Apple announcements about iPhones and OS 4.0 on the brain?

iPhone 3GS teardown for recovery

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CBL Pictures: Burnt PCB

4 February 2010

What’s that smell? That’s the smell of a controller chip frying until burnt to a crisp. Pics after the jump.

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