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Data Loss Toy Story - Crisis at Pixar Averted

14 May 2012

This starts off sounding like every customer phone call we get every day. Pixar Animation Studio’s brush with a data loss disaster during the making of their film Toy Story 2.

might be our fave data loss animation of all time

Click through to watch this great video!

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Driveageddon latest in mounting problems resulting from Thailand Floods

10 November 2011

Helicopter surveying flood devastated suburban Bangkok This year’s monsoon season in Thailand has had a massive impact on the nation’s manufacturing capability, and has affected the global hard drive market. The effects of ‘driveageddon’ are likely to be felt for many months to come. By early October, the Rojna industrial estate, home to major production giants like Honda, Pioneer, Hitatchi and Nikon, had been flooded, rendering the entire area non-operational.

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October Data Recovery Fire Drill

7 October 2011

Get Your Disaster Plan together for Data Recovery; photo by cancsajn October is small business month and is a perfect time for organizations to consider a data recovery fire drill to ensure business continuity.

“Hard drives in your computer system are not fail-safe and can and will fail for numerous reasons,” says CBL’s president Bill Margeson. “Often those responsible for an organization’s IT may not be aware that one or more of the drives are acting up or about to go down causing major headaches for the business.”

To properly plan against a data loss crisis, running simulations now could prevent major headaches later. Check out our preparation tips after the jump.

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Even Above the Clouds Computer Disaster Happens

18 July 2011

Astronauts aboard the much talked about and followed final Space Shuttle mission experienced a computer glitch and were found scrambling early Friday morning. 'SpaceCube' example of a specialized computer for space missions with extra shielding to alleviate errors caused by radiation in space; Credit: NASA

As the unexpected computer failure alert was signaled, the crew got down to finding out what was wrong and taking action to get business back to normal in the middle of the night.

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Broken Server + CBL = Disaster Relief

12 May 2010

If you are an CIO you understand the importance of protecting corporate data. There is no magic formula for safeguarding vital information but certain steps can be taken. Many businesses have systems in place, backup redundancy, or hard drives upon hard drives — but how many are 100% confident those measures will hold up when the time comes?

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The Day His Infallible RAID Array Failed

7 November 2008

Have you ever asked yourself, “What would I do if I lost everything that I’ve stored on my computer for the last 15 years?” Well, one CBL Data Recovery customer did.

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Heads and Tales: For 24 hours, CBL is THE Hub

6 December 2007

For 24 hours, CBL is THE Hub.

Canada’s data recovery specialist comes to’s rescue.

For small business owners, the end of the business day rarely finishes at five o’clock. In fact, taking work home to complete or review at the end of the day or on the weekend has...

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Heads and Tales: Out of the Ashes

5 November 2007

Rare Music Files Rescued from Severely Damaged Hard Drive

In June 2007, vintage music store, M.C. Productions Vintage Recordings, in the City of Penticton in British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley was destroyed in a fire. Owner Mickey Clark lost all of the CDs he had compiled from his massive...

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Be Prepared.

2 August 2007

Organizations of any size can and do experience data loss on a daily basis which can severely impact business continuity. Hence, all organizations should include data recovery as part of their disaster recovery plans.

Security Matters, a magazine for small to medium-sized businesses, features a number of articles which address...

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Heads and Tales: PR Firm Turns to CBL to Retrieve Data

19 July 2007

“The day it happened couldn’t have been worse from a timing perspective,” said David Bosworth, a senior public relations consultant with C2E Consulting describing the experience of losing access to all the files on his desktop PC when his four-year-old, 120GB hard drive crashed.

“It was one of the busiest times...

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