Amazon Goes Grocery Shopping, Buys Whole Foods

23 June 2017

The acquisition of Whole Foods is Amazon’s biggest and boldest by far

More and more, businesses are looking for ways to blend brick-and-mortar stores with online services. The company that rules the online marketplace? Amazon. But Bezos is branching out.

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21 June 2017

Marking the Summer Solstice…

Digital archaeology - Stonehenge built out of hard drives

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WannaCrypt: The Ransomware That Makes You Wanna Cry

19 May 2017

As it is so aptly named, WannaCry does indeed devastate users, by compromising almost all digital assets, especially personal and sensitive information

Ransomware isn’t new, but it’s been all over the news recently. Just last weekend, hackers launched a massive cyberattack that crippled hundreds of thousands of computers around the globe. Known as WannaCrypt—also called WannaCry or Wanna Decryptor—it is a particularly damaging brand of virus known as ransomware.

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Paring Down the Data: Data Age 2025

24 April 2017

IDC has released a long white paper, Data Age 2025, on the evolution of data in our lives, how we have moved through different eras of data and computing and highlighting key trends today. We break down the main points, talk about it’s new critical nature, and a bit about pizza toppings.

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