Equifax: Zero Credit for Poor Handling of Massive Data Breach

26 September 2017

Equifax: Zero Credit for Poor Handling of Massive Data Breach

“Based on the information provided, we believe that your personal information may have been impacted by this incident.”

Sound familiar? You and 143 million other people in the United States, the UK, and Canada.That’s right – Americans weren’t the only ones affected by the massive Equifax data breach.

It’s been quite a year for data breaches (many a result of escalating and evolving ransomware), but this situation was largely precipitated by Equifax’s negligence. Companies who feel they are taking extensive preventative measures can always do more. Being on the defense is not the same as mounting an offense.

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Total Head-Crash on the Park

18 August 2017

Total Eclipse of the Heart spoof - Total Head-Crash on the Park

Every now and then our lab techs have some fun…. A solar eclipse over the U.S. and a classic song by Bonnie Tyler prompted this rewrite.

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Back-to-School, Back to Secure: Security Best Practices for All Age Groups

17 August 2017

Back-to-School Security Best Practices for All Age Groups

Whether it’s coming to a grinding halt or a gradual slowdown, there’s no doubt about it: summer is approaching its end. But while the temperatures are decreasing, hackers are increasing their efforts targeting networks and users of all ages. Cyberattacks span payment card fraud, unintended disclosure, hacking, malware, insider leaks, and ransomware—these are only a few of the most common approaches.

Different age groups vary in online behavior and thus, are susceptible to different online scams, threats, and pitfalls. Understanding risk factors is the first step toward protecting yourself.

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Speeding Up or Slowing Down?: 7 Cybersecurity Startups to Watch in 2017

21 July 2017

7 Cybersecurity Startups to Watch in 2017

Overall, a previously burgeoning startup marketplace has been in decline since 2016. Dark Reading cites the startup slowdown a result of reduced funding from venture capital firms. However, one industry continues to boom, despite the overall decline: cybersecurity.

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