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Five Numbers about Data Loss Business Owners Should Know

20 October 2014

Numbers We see a lot of numbers around the lab and business world about data loss and recovery. Here’s data loss stat numbers that have been kicking about.

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Data Recovery on TV - Halt and Catch Fire

8 September 2014

Every once in a while we catch our work being captured and ‘interpreted’ in the fictional world of tv and movies. One instance we noted recently is in AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire. Set in the early 1980s PC revolution, the chance of seeing some hard drive-related data drama was high.

Scene from AMC's Halt and Catch Fire

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Digital Universe of Data Continues to Grow

28 April 2014

The IDC is in with their latest report on the ever-expanding ‘Digital Universe’. Latest figures highlight that the world’s data is up to a staggering 4.4 ZETTAbytes.

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Your Data, Your Electronics, Our E-Waste

22 April 2014

infographic with the latest data from StEP showing E-waste Generation by Country On the occasion of Earth Day, we reflect on a lurking issue here at Platter Chatter – E-Waste. Often underestimated in size, global technological growth also produces an amazing amount of waste annually. When you think about it, the amount of devices, from PC hard drives to cellphones that you have gone through and then multiply it by your neighborhood, city, country….where do all those electronics go?

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