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The Rise of Ransomware: How to Handle Data Hijacking

16 May 2016

Ransomware is all the rage—and not in a good way

Ransomware is all the rage—and not in a good way. Cybersecurity experts are calling these virtual attacks an ‘epidemic’ of epic proportions.

In fact, its exponential growth over the past few years has left individuals, companies, and industries feeling both enraged and powerless.

Why? Well, because the only protection against ransomware is caution.

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Fire Drill In Case of Data Disaster

3 May 2016

Get Your Disaster Plan together for Data Recovery; photo by cancsajn It’s Small Business Week and a perfect time for organizations to consider a data recovery fire drill to ensure business gets back in order in the event of a disaster, data or otherwise.

Hard drives in your computer system are not fail-safe and can and will fail for numerous reasons. Often those responsible for business IT may not be aware that one or more of the drives are acting up or about to go down causing major headaches for the users, owners and system admins alike.

To properly plan against a data loss crisis, running simulations now could prevent major headaches later. Check out our preparation tips after the jump.

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Heads and Tales: Rescuing Data for Environmentalists Rescuing the Rainforest

21 April 2016

For individuals who have had the good fortune of traveling to one of the most bio-diverse and less explored regions which still remains on the planet, the Durika Biological Reserve of Costa Rica represents 8500 hectares (21,000 acres) of pristine and beautiful tropical cloud forest managed by The Pro Conservation Foundation of the Durika Biological Reserve, a.k.a. the ‘Durika Foundation’. The Foundation, located near Buenos Aires, is a self-sustaining eco-community comprised of approximately 30 individuals who live permanently 1,650 meters (5,413 feet) above sea level to help conserve, protect and explore the land as well as to reverse the negative impact of modern agricultural practices on the mountainous landscape that the indigenous people—the Cabécar and Bribri—farm which is so vital to their existence, environment and heritage.

For many individuals, the opportunity to travel to such remote parts of the world is not feasible. However cyber-travelers can venture to such exotic places via the internet and arrive at their destinations where photos may entice adventurers to one day visit. The Durika Biological Reserve is one such destination where images of its beauty have been captured to share with others.

Through the research efforts of the individuals who make the Durika Reserve home as well as the visitors to the community each year, a vast array of previously unknown or recorded findings has been collected for five years on the flora and fauna which also make Durika their home.

While a self-sustainable community that uses alternative energy sources, its members do leverage select modern technologies including a laptop computer upon which are stored the images of the flora and fauna captured by researchers and visitors. When Eugenio García López, biologist and ecologist with Fundación Durika, could not access the files on his laptop’s hard drive, he felt despair.

“The photographs contained on the damaged external hard drive represented hundreds of hours and research of biologists in the rainforest or photographs taken while hiking through dense, virgin jungle where no one probably has ever been before.”

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Spring Into Action: Top 5 Do's & Don'ts of Data Cleanup

19 April 2016

De-cluttering your data will make your life and business run more smoothly

“April showers bring May flowers,” as they say. April also brings with it the frenzy of spring cleaning. This is the time of year when everything must sparkle, fit neatly into its predetermined spot, or go curbside. Everywhere and everything is fair game: your home, your garage, the interior and exterior of your car, your fridge, your office, and…your data.

Just like the clutter in your closet or garage, your data can be disorganized, old, poor quality, or redundant. Fortunately, de-cluttering your data will make your life (and business) run more smoothly in the long-term.

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