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You Shall Not Pass: The 10 Commandments of Password Protection

21 September 2016

Lists confirm it: we are lazy when creating passwords. The sheer number of accounts, applications, and devices we own almost guarantees poor password quality. Employ these tips and best practices to fortify and protect your numerous accounts and devices.

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Grey Skies Are Gonna Clear Up: 3 Data Recovery Solutions for Severe Weather Conditions

15 August 2016

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs?

Summer means basking in the sunshine, swimming in the nearest body of water, and reveling in the great outdoors. What’s not to love about vacation season and ideal warm weather?

Unfortunately, summer is closely followed by hurricane season.

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CBL Pictures: Fire Damaged Hard Drives

22 July 2016

Sometimes the effects of a disaster are too much for recovery - photos of some hard drives destroyed by wildfires in Fort McMurray

When we receive fire-damaged hard drives and computers in need of data recovery service, usually they aren’t in terribly bad shape. As you can see in these photos, unfortunately wildfires in Fort McMurray, Canada incurred extreme destruction on these drives. Sometimes the effects of a disaster are too much for recovery.

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Pokémon No-Go: What’s the Catch?

15 July 2016

The mobile app, Pokémon Go, is a global phenomenon.

Pokémon Go mobile game screenshot Comfortably seated at No. 1 on mobile download charts for both iOS and Android users, the app has made virtual reality mainstream, prompting users to get off the couch and go explore the real world, but through a virtual lens.

However, people can collect a lot more than Pokémon.

We break down the basics of the game and look into some potential risks and threats to your data privacy, cybersecurity and more.

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