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CBL Data Recovery Technologies Targets Taiwan

International Data Recovery Specialist The First to Opens Their Doors in Taipei City

TORONTO, ON & TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN — January 17, 2007 — CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. (CBL) a leading international provider of data recovery services, announces it has opened a data recovery facility in Taiwan. CBL Data Recovery Taiwan (www.cbltech.tw) joins the expanding family of CBL companies in the Asia Pacific region. CBL is the first foreign data recovery organization to officially establish a presence in Taiwan and open operations in the capital of Taipei City. CBL also announced the appointment of Taiwan-native Ping-Li Yen as Managing Director.

“With its highly developed high tech manufacturing sector and use of technology by both the government and its citizens, Taiwan was the next logical choice for CBL’s next investment in Asia,” remarked Bill Margeson, co-founder, president and CEO, CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. “The electronics market and the industries which support it fuel Taiwan’s economy. CBL is well positioned to help businesses in this sector and the consumers who earn their livelihood from it and provide mission critical data recovery services when data loss disaster strikes.”

“Taipei is a bustling urban city and a driving force behind the boom in the high tech world,” commented Ping-Li Yen, Managing Director, CBL Data Recovery Taiwan. “I’m delighted to be in the driver’s seat of CBL’s entry into the Taiwan market. CBL provides a critical service to the consumer electronics manufacturers, as well as the small and medium size businesses that are critical links in the supply chain No matter the size of the organization, there always exists the possibility of a data loss disaster when data becomes inaccessible. It’s not a matter of if, but when and CBL is ready to come to the rescue of customers and their data.”

Da-an District Lab Primed to Receive Referrals from HP

Recently, CBL was selected by HP as its data recovery services partner for Taiwan. HP refers its customers to CBL for data recovery services when hard drives, tapes and other storage media fail and data residing on these devices is lost. Recovered data is returned to customers on DVDs or CDs.

CBL’s data recovery laboratory is located at 71 Sinyi Road in the city’s Da-an District. Clients can drop-off their hard drives or laptops at CBL’s facility or ship them directly to the lab. Here, technicians will provide an evaluation of the hard drive, at no charge to the client.

“I believe that small and mid-size businesses owners, corporate IT managers and consumers will find CBL’s “No Data, No Charge” service guarantee attractive,” adds Yen. “It means they only pay for results.”

About CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. (www.cbldatarecovery.com)

Founded in 1993, CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. is the leading independent provider of data recovery services and software. CBL employs proprietary techniques to recover data from storage devices including hard drives, tapes, RAIDs and external storage media. CBL offers services through its global network of data recovery laboratories, offices and authorized partners. In the United States, CBL has data recovery laboratories in Armonk, New York; Atlanta, Georgia; San Diego, California, and Houston, Texas.

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