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Fire? Flood? Don't despair: The data could still be there!

Don’t ditch that drive prematurely: Data can often be recovered from many natural disasters

ARMONK, NY and SAN DIEGO, CA, August 18 2004 /PRNewswire/ — Hurricane Charley and other natural disasters often herald the onset of catastrophic data loss, but even the worst fire or flood doesn’t mean the data is irrevocably irretrievable: CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. (http://www.cbldatarecovery.com), a leading international provider of computer data recovery services, has seen the worse Mother Nature has to offer and more often than not has been able to bring back data from frozen, fried or otherwise soggy hard drives.

“Many enterprises and end users underestimate the resiliency of data storage media when damaged by water or fire,” says CBL Data Recovery Technologies CEO Bill Margeson. “Our experience is data can be recovered from hard drives that have been seriously soiled by mud slides, melted by infernos and buffeted by heavy storms.”

So don’t write off the data yet; there is always the chance that it can be recovered. CBL recently recovered data from servers flooded with two feet of sewage water!

“You’d be surprised how much damaged a hard disk can endure, but many companies write off damaged data storage media prematurely,” adds Margeson. “However, we take the view that the glass is always half full and it can never hurt to attempt recovery.”

Last year’s massive power outage and the recent havoc reeked by Hurricane Charley in Florida are vivid reminders that it’s not a matter of if disaster will strike, but when. And while CBL has an excellent track record for recovering data in dire circumstances, prevention is always worth a pound of cure. Companies need to have a data backup strategy in place that includes offsite backup, and any plan needs to be tested in an actual recovery scenario.

A leader in its field, CBL is a multinational data recovery organization with facilities in the U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Barbados, England, Germany, China, Singapore, Japan and Australia. The company has been focused solely on the data recovery market for more than a decade. Through its on-going research and development efforts, CBL has created a library of proprietary processes to successfully recover data from failed PC hard disk drives when all other conventional methods have failed.

About CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. (www.cbldatarecovery.com)

Founded in 1993, CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. is the leading independent provider of data recovery services and software. CBL employs proprietary techniques to recover data from storage devices including hard drives, tapes, RAIDs and external storage media. CBL offers services through its global network of data recovery laboratories, offices and authorized partners. In the United States, CBL has data recovery laboratories in Armonk, New York; Atlanta, Georgia; San Diego, California, and Houston, Texas.

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