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Have you ever pondered how cars and computers are similar?

You back up a car (Or maybe you avoid doing so at all costs and simply cruise parking lots in search of a drive-thru spot?). You back up your computer (Or do you forget and say I will do it tomorrow?).

You drive a car. Perhaps you own more than one vehicle. Your computer has a drive (perhaps two and an external HDD) and you might even own more than one computer.

Cars experience mechanical failures. Computers do, too.

Today’s car experiences electronic failures. Computers also experience electronic problems.

Cars give off warning signals and you’ll hear strange noises not to mention your neighbors. Computers display error messages that we frequently ignore. They’ll even make strange noises such as clicking or grinding that we often ignore, too (until it is too late).

Cars will even overheat despite having coolant. Likewise, a computer will overheat despite having a fan.

Both cars and computers crash frequently because of human error.

Cars have bearings as do computer hard drives.

Some people will perform Do-it-Yourself repairs to their automobile in their driveway. So too do computer owners and some will use Do-it-Yourself Recovery software like CBL Pro-V to perform easy recoveries of lost data.

Your vehicle might not start one morning nor will your computer reboot.

However, when your vehicle, which is used to transport important cargo and passengers, needs bodywork or its brakes replaced, you won’t take any chances. You will take your automobile to a reputable dealer or mechanic. And, on the occasions when your computer’s hard drive and mission-critical data are at risk, send the drive to professionals, like the data recovery experts at CBL.

That’s what The Computer Mechanics did.

Just as you might consider membership in your national automobile association for emergency road service, consider the CBL Data Recovery Service Protection Plan for data recovery coverage for your functional hard drives.

After all, it’s not a matter of if data loss disaster will strike; it’s simply a matter of when.

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