March 27

Spotted in the lab not too long ago we’re still finding innovative data loss solutions for Macs new & old.

Some very old Apple Mac computers seen at CBL Data Recovery lab booted up on a table for a data recovery project. Macintosh SE, Macintosh Plus, and a Power Mac with 5.25 inch floppy drive external. Their cases all have a greyish-yellow tinge due to age! Old Mac OS version displayed on screen with very retro looking desktop. Distinct 'rainbow' Apple logos visible on each computer too.
Some very old Macintosh computers seen at the CBL Data Recovery lab. Two older classics, the Macintosh SE and Plus, just for kicks. Their cases all have a greyish-yellow tinge due to age! Then the Power Mac at right, the actual project in for recovery service. The target was some data from a specific Mac OS 9 hard disk so we booted up the other old Macs to help with quality control. (view larger)

Always nice to see the distinct ‘rainbow’ Apple logos visible on each machine too. It helps to have an archive of old hardware and disks to reference sometimes because we always get inquiries about old storage media including things like floppy disks.

Coincidentally, we also noticed on social media that a large group of ‘retro computing’ enthusiasts were taking time this month to celebrate old Macs in what they were calling MARCHintosh with restorations and modernized rigs on display. Some dedicated fans of whom many are wizards of their trade. Love seeing creative solutions to getting hardware and data working!

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