CBL Pictures: #10YearChallenge

25 January 2019

Have you seen the social trend popping up the last few weeks using the hashtag #10yearchallenge? We liked seeing these and thought as we completed our 25th year recovering data we surely could also get involved with our own spin. Some of our followers online showed interest in learning more about exactly what was shown in the photo so here’s an expanded breakdown.

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Throwback: Gallery of Vintage Computers

24 January 2019

#Throwback Photographer Mark Richards’ tribute to vintage computers of the past ‘Core Memory’ features gems like this old DEC hard drive, and yes, an Apple Macintosh (Happy 35th birthday)

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CBL Pictures: From the Ashes II - Server Fire

25 September 2013

In a fire computers in your home or office really feel the heat. Rising temperatures affect both the exterior and interior of a machine as electronic components made of metal and plastic burn, melt and corrode. It’s a mess our labs often get dirty with. And the smell!

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A Peek Inside a CBL Data Recovery Lab

15 June 2012

Here’s an inside look at the action going on in one of our labs.

Newly renovated, check out this little peek at of our data recovery lab and clean room facility located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Key factors come together here: a tightly knit team of engineers and staff working together with all the necessary tools and clean-room ammenties to make running daily operations at the facility a breeze.

Staff work on projects in a secure area of the facility. Lab engineer Joel Barker let the camera follow him around a bit to snap photos of some aspects of his work at CBL.

parts stack CBL maintains an ever growing parts database. Engineers search it for parts here and around the globe when needed to complete a data recovery project.

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CBL Pictures: From the Ashes - Burnt Server Hard Drive

13 January 2011

When your home or office gets caught in a fire computers definitely feel the heat. Here’s an example of an extreme data loss situation we work on from time to time.

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CBL Pictures: Scraped Away

6 October 2010

How do you know you have left that software scan run for too long?
One half DIY, One half modern art, all disaster. This is a typical result of do-it-yourself done wrong.

See the full-size image after the jump…

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CBL Pictures: Burnt and Crispy

28 September 2009

This is what a burnt hard drive looks like.

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CBL Pictures: Secure Digital Memory Card

26 June 2009

Ever wonder what’s on the inside of the camera card?

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