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Depending on data is a part of business life in the 21st Century.

Dominoes of data loss falling; photo by samlevan

Our dependency comes from the fact that it is often key to the successful operation of business. When access to data is lost, the downtime incurred is directly related to the time of recovery. Taking action and increasing speed of recovery contributes to lowering downtime and the impact on our data dependency.

While systems and access are restored, the consequences and effects of data loss can continuously be felt. Symantec does an annual survery of SMB Disaster Preparedness that describes the cost of data loss as a Domino Effect. It’s a good way of describing it, as a domino effect is basically one event setting off a chain of similar events like the way standing-up dominos fall down. Data loss incidents and outages start a chain of consequences that occur one after another, like a sequence of dominos falling.

Data loss leads to consequences such as:

  1. Cost to you
  2. Cost to your customer
  3. Data loss for them
  4. Losing your customers

In thinking about these ‘dominos’, we can rewrite and expand on each one.

Time is money

Data Availability is increasingly demanded from users all through organizations. Data is powerful and helps you do things. It is the driving force behind your business, its new opportunities and revenue generation.

Downtime is frustrating for all involved

Customers, be they internal staff in your organization or partnerships and clients, expect the data you share or provide to be available. Data disasters hurt them by preventing things from getting done, and hurting their relationship with you.

Data loss is dangerous to valuable ideas and hard work

Opportunities and even revenue are directly tied to data – from everyday information gathering to analytics and decision making. Businesses and people are defined by the data, records, and historical data they produce. Today we are producing more data than ever, and keeping more as well.

Your reputation at risk

Your relationships and transactions with fellow staff and customers revolve around data in the digital economy. Frustration affects business for you and them. Customers may be prompted to looking for new relationships elsewhere in the event of extended data disaster downtime.

When data loss disasters occur and the dominos start to fall, getting the help of a professional data recovery service provider like CBL can help you stop the chain of consequences. Remember, it’s not a matter of if, but when data loss will happen. Our service helps you take action to minimize downtime. Recovery times vary, but the sooner you get in touch with CBL, the better chance you have of maintaining your business continuity and keeping your organization’s dominos standing up-right.

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