Data Loss is a Bitter Pill to Swallow – Give CBL a Shot

20 June 2018

…Large coffee in one hand, laptop teetering precariously on the other, you turn the corner and – WHAM! Threats to your data are around many corners. Here are the most common causes of data loss to watch out for.

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Fire Drill In Case of Data Disaster

3 May 2016

Get Your Disaster Plan together for Data Recovery; photo by cancsajn It’s Small Business Week and a perfect time for organizations to consider a data recovery fire drill to ensure business gets back in order in the event of a disaster, data or otherwise.

Hard drives in your computer system are not fail-safe and can and will fail for numerous reasons. Often those responsible for business IT may not be aware that one or more of the drives are acting up or about to go down causing major headaches for the users, owners and system admins alike.

To properly plan against a data loss crisis, running simulations now could prevent major headaches later. Check out our preparation tips after the jump.

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The 5 Most Common Causes of Data Loss

4 December 2014

Five Most Common Causes of Data Loss

According to the research, approximately 15% of small to mid-sized businesses still aren’t backing up their data in case of disaster or one of the other major causes of damage or data loss. Even those that do perform regular backups should be vigilant of any threats to their system. Here are the five most commonly experienced culprits of data loss to watch out for.

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Five Numbers about Data Loss Business Owners Should Know

20 October 2014

We see a lot of numbers around the lab and business world about data loss and recovery. Here’s data loss stat numbers that have been kicking about.

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Saving Eyebeam's Media Archives from Sandy's Hurricane Floodwaters

16 January 2013

In October, Hurricane Sandy hit New York City causing a record storm surge to sweep through Eyebeam, leaving behind three and a half feet of saltwater mixed with sewage and corrosives.

CBL is all-too-familiar with this sort of recovery scene

This all-too-familiar scenario of data disaster threatening years of digital storage is featured in a great little video and article. Click through to watch after the jump.

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Driveageddon latest in mounting problems resulting from Thailand Floods

10 November 2011

Helicopter surveying flood devastated suburban Bangkok This year’s monsoon season in Thailand has had a massive impact on the nation’s manufacturing capability, and has affected the global hard drive market. The effects of ‘driveageddon’ are likely to be felt for many months to come. By early October, the Rojna industrial estate, home to major production giants like Honda, Pioneer, Hitatchi and Nikon, had been flooded, rendering the entire area non-operational.

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Depending on Data: Downtime and the Domino Effect

12 May 2011

Depending on data is a part of business life in the 21st Century. Our dependency comes from the fact that it is often key to the successful operation of business. When data loss incidents and outages occur, they start a chain of consequences that occur one after another, like a sequence of dominos falling – aptly described as the domino effect of data loss.

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Ghosts of Data Disasters Past

23 December 2010

Ghost of Data Disasters Past In the spirit of the holidays this year, we decided to take a look back at some of the data recovery issues from yesteryear, our own Ghosts of Recoveries Past!

In ye olde Olden Dayes, saw we challenges diverse and frightful.

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