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For 24 hours, CBL is THE Hub.

Canada’s data recovery specialist comes to’s rescue.

For small business owners, the end of the business day rarely finishes at five o’clock. In fact, taking work home to complete or review at the end of the day or on the weekend has frequently become the norm. Scott Piccolo, owner/publisher of HUB: The Computer Paper, hub:consumer electronics & more and can attest to this.

Toronto-based Piccolo had spent months planning and executing the relaunch of his flagship website, New design, new content, new functionality, multimedia podcasts and a new friendly navigation were to be introduced to the Hub community on May 1.

With one week remaining before the official launch of as the site was promoted on the cover of the Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver editions of HUB:The Computer Paper, everything was falling into place. At least that is what Piccolo thought until he took his laptop—the only repository of the new—home.

Piccolo had finished dinner and was working on his laptop when the unthinkable happened. A beverage spilt on the keyboard of his laptop.

So much was on the line. must be online. So many individuals and contributors had put their blood, sweat and tears into seeing the new site come to fruition.
What was Piccolo to do?

Piccolo picked up the phone and called CBL Data Recovery. Piccolo had heard that the Canadian company had been in business since 1993 and had a reputation of pulling out all the stops to get its customers’ data back.

Piccolo shipped CBL the hard drive and upon receipt CBL technicians evaluated the hard drive. Despite the fact that there was physical damage to the read/write head assembly, minor media damage on the hard drive’s platter surface, and file structure damaged, CBL technicians successfully recovered Piccolo’s files. The contents of his hard drive including were returned to Piccolo on 3 DVDs within 36 hours of Piccolo placing his call.

A grateful Piccolo commented: CBL certainly saved us on this occasion. They recovered 100% of our data. They were efficient and professional and because of their quick response, we were still able to meet our crucial deadlines.”

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