May 1

Storage is infallible. Or so you may think.

RAID Arrays do fail and through the doors of CBL Data Recovery disks from arrays do pass with increasing frequency.

Manufacturers frequently claim five 9’s availability, but when one of the disks of your RAID Array fails and then another, you may suddenly find yourself, your business and your mission-critical data all caught between a rock and a malfunctioning hard drive or two or three.

One such customer was One of the fastest-growing user driven news sites on the Internet, and the offical online home of Digital Journal magazine, went offline much to its management’s and publisher’s chagrin.

Just as IDC recommends in its Viewpoint, What to Do When the RAID Array Fails, “quickly removed and handed [the RAID set of drives] to a specialist.”

While the team at waited anxiously, CBL’s team of experts worked around the clock to successfully recover the data and bring back to life.

Notes Christopher Hogg, Editor-in-Chief of, “When we realized the magnitude of our crash and how much data was corrupted in the fall, we knew CBL would be the only company that could save us.”

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