March 18

Hear about some of our emergency response expertise with a quick story from the lab.

After over 25 years of 1’s and 0’s, CBL data recovery labs have encountered plenty of interesting scenarios. In this anecdote, a Toronto hospital’s large RAID array crashes and the IT department calls in the experts at CBL to help avoid from a healthcare data disaster.

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Rising data protection challenges in Health IT

While that story from the lab is a throwback from awhile ago, protecting healthcare data from loss and security threats has only gotten tougher as the years have gone on.

Threats come from everything these days including ransomware, malware, data breaches and loss1. In a 2021 survey, nearly half of healthcare IT respondents said that phishing was the source of the most significant security breaches2. Healthcare data bears a heavier weight than your usual business data because it carries potentially life-saving electronic health records, powers the systems that help hospitals and facilities run, and even is in the various devices that make healthcare possible. In fact, of the internet-connected devices continuing to multiply in the world, the IoT(internet of things) as it were, the healthcare sector saw the largest increase in malware attacks against them in the last year.3 Cyber-attacks involving ransomware also continue to rise in general, doubling in the past two years, up a whopping 755%. The vulnerabilities in the myriad of systems in healthcare settings from hard-to-update legacy record systems to proprietary devices make the environment hard to maintain. The stresses of the global pandemic have not helped either, making the need to mitigate data loss and breach risks all the more vital. The key here for system administrations and cybersecurity experts is “Be prepared”. Backups, patching systems and of course calling in experts when data is threatened remain the best defense.

1 US Data Breaches Surge 68% to All-Time High

2 Phishing Top Threat to US Healthcare

3 Healthcare sector saw largest increase in IoT malware attacks in 2021

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