Data Recovery D-I-WHY

13 April 2018

Submitted for your approval, one enthusiastic amateur. Put on earth with a screwdriver, a broken drive, and wholly too much time on his hands. In a moment, we will be shown a miracle brought by magical DVD lasers. Although it’s a fact that he should have trusted the professionals, he will tempt fate by converting a 500GB hard drive to a 1GB Linux boot CD, in… The Recovery Zone.

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A Peek Inside a CBL Data Recovery Lab

15 June 2012

Here’s an inside look at the action going on in one of our labs.

Newly renovated, check out this little peek at of our data recovery lab and clean room facility located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Key factors come together here: a tightly knit team of engineers and staff working together with all the necessary tools and clean-room ammenties to make running daily operations at the facility a breeze.

Staff work on projects in a secure area of the facility. Lab engineer Joel Barker let the camera follow him around a bit to snap photos of some aspects of his work at CBL.

parts stack CBL maintains an ever growing parts database. Engineers search it for parts here and around the globe when needed to complete a data recovery project.

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West Joins East: Western Digital buying Hitachi Global Storage

7 March 2011

As seen in the NY Times DealBook Western Digital announced earlier today that it will be purchasing Hitachi Global Storage Technologies in a deal worth $4.3 Billion. The landscape of storage manufacturers just got a bit smaller, but it remains a massive growing technology industry.

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iPad Recovery: It's All about the State of the Tablet Data

24 February 2011

recent customer's iPad dropped off for recovery with teardown diag With millions of iPad tablets making their way into homes and offices around the world, and competing products running flavors of Windows and Android becoming more prevalent, the number of tablets in our labs for data recovery is increasing.

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CBL Pictures: Scraped Away

6 October 2010

How do you know you have left that software scan run for too long?
One half DIY, One half modern art, all disaster. This is a typical result of do-it-yourself done wrong.

See the full-size image after the jump…

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Backup Computers Before School's Out

4 June 2009

Summer is almost here. School will be out. The kids will be home and looking for things to do. There’s a good chance you will find them sitting in front of a computer(s).

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Secrets? What secrets?

3 March 2009

Whether it’s personal or corporate data, confidentiality is always a concern for all users. We understand your anxieties because many of us have gone through the exact same experience ourselves

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Keep a Lid on IT

5 February 2009

...resist the temptation to tamper with or hand over the drive to anyone but a professional data recovery specialist…

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SITEX 2008 in the bag

10 December 2008

Hopefully (if you were in Singapore) you made your way to SITEX 2008 and the CBL booth. This year had more of everything, including visitors.

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Humpty Couldn't, But Your Data Can Survive A Crash

20 November 2008

If Humpty Dumpty had been working on his laptop while he was sitting on the wall when he had his great fall, we know that all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again. But what about data on his laptop? Could...

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Holiday Gift Idea for the Tech Savvy Person on Your List

13 November 2008

Looking for a unique gift for the geek or nerd in your family?

At a loss as to what to buy a tech savvy friend this holiday season? You know the guy or gal who owns a couple of computers and is always being called upon to take...

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Avoid Hazards Both On and Off the Course

8 August 2008

Without a good drive, your business could be handicapped, too. Your data could be held captive.

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Goodbye Dolly; Hello CBL

25 July 2008

As business owners and individuals in Southern Texas bid Hurricane Dolly farewell and good riddance, many will discover flood-damaged computers and cameras.

If you find yourself in such a predicament,

  • do not assume that the files on your computer or memory card are lost;
  • do not attempt to use...

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Rare Music Files Rescued from Severely Damaged Hard Drive

5 November 2007

Heads and Tales: Out of the Ashes

When vintage music store, M.C. Productions Vintage Recordings, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada was destroyed in a fire, owner Mickey Clark lost all of the CDs he had compiled from his massive record collection, all of the backup disks from the music files he had digitized, and half of his inventory of 20,000 original recordings dating back to 1902. In addition, both of his hard drives were drowning in two feet of water. To the distraught performer, that meant the possible loss of thousands of music files many of which were Clark’s only copies which he started collecting at the age of eight.

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Be Prepared.

2 August 2007

Organizations of any size can and do experience data loss on a daily basis which can severely impact business continuity. Hence, all organizations should include data recovery as part of their disaster recovery plans.

Security Matters, a magazine for small to medium-sized businesses, features a number of articles which address...

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Giving Back to the Community and Giving Back Data

10 July 2007

Faith-based organizations often rely on volunteers for their IT needs, so when a system crashes and access to important files such as membership lists, financial records or e-mail newsletters on a hard drive is denied, the good intentions of staff and volunteers can have serious results.

While we recommend to organizations...

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