March 3

Whether it’s personal or corporate data, confidentiality is always a concern for all users. We understand your anxieties because many of us have gone through the exact same experience ourselves at one time or another. The panic, the frantic troubleshooting, and the acceptance of your hard drive’s fate — data recovery. It’s definitely unsettling to know that no matter how much you backup there’s always that small chance that it can still happen to you.

Talk to one of our specialists and allow us to put your mind at ease. Not only can we recover your data but trust us to ensure your data remains confidential. Every project we work on is treated like a top secret government project (whether it really is or not). The details of recovery projects are only discussed with primary contacts (and designated alternate contacts) and once your data has been recovered our copy is securely wiped within a week (or sooner once you have verified your recovered data). At the end of our process you are the only person with your data.

Trust me, we’ve seen it all and we’ve been doing this for a long time. Earning your trust is just as important to us as recovering your confidential data.

So, do you want to know the truth about aliens and UFO’s? (Just kidding)

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