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It’s not a matter of IF data loss disaster will strike; it’s simply a matter of WHEN.


He lost his precious photos, but not for long

An avid photographer and planning to hold a photography exposition in the near future, Patrice Peyre decided to take time off from his job to travel around the world. He started compiling a rich collection of photographs taken from the four corners of the earth. Patrice took pride in his photos that he stored on a portable backup device.

It was during one of his trips to Hindu Kush, a picturesque high mountain range in Pakistan, that Patrice encountered a photographer’s worst possible nightmare. The data in his portable backup device was damaged after Patrice and the device fell into a water canal while he was trying to avoid an oncoming jeep speeding along the narrow road in Karimabad. Though the device was quickly recovered from the canal and promptly dried, the stored data was damaged. This meant that the photos taken during his four months in India and Pakistan were typically destroyed.

At a loss and anxious to recover the precious photos that he took much effort to take, Patrice managed to locate a place with Internet connection and started searching for companies which offered data recovery services. CBL Data Recovery was among the companies listed in his search. Not wanting to jeopardize his data, Patrice spent considerable time looking for the right data recovery service provider.

“An article on with a description of how CBL recovers lost data gave me a much needed assurance that the company was professional and reliable and that my data would be in safe hands,” explained Patrice.

Though it took Patrice a few weeks to send the damaged disk to the CBL laboratory in Singapore due to the remoteness of Hindu Kush, upon receipt of the disk CBL technicians successfully recovered the data in a few days. The disk and recovered data were sent to Patrice in Hong Kong where he was temporarily staying, providing him with much relief.

“The emotional value of those photos means that the data recovery services from CBL were invaluable.”

“CBL saved photos which represented four months of work in India and Pakistan. These photos are meant for my upcoming exhibition. The emotional value of those photos means that the data recovery services from CBL were invaluable,” he added.

“The loss of data can be very traumatic for customers. When Mr. Peyre approached CBL for help, CBL staff did their best to help him as they recognized that the countless photos taken in India and Pakistan were of immense emotional value to him,” said Bill Margeson, President of CBL Data Recovery

Mr. Peyre’s photographs can be viewed at