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It’s not a matter of IF data loss disaster will strike; it’s simply a matter of WHEN.


Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

It’s not a matter of IF data loss disaster will strike; it’s simply a matter of WHEN.

Every year, CBL Data Recovery is called upon to rescue data for thousands of individuals and businesses around the globe. Happy customers share with you their stories which, thanks to the dedicated and skilled professionals in CBL Data Recovery’s labs, have happy endings.

  • Data Overboard! How CBL recovered the video and research data of a world-record rowing attempt

    How CBL recovered the video and research data of the OAR Northwest Africa to the Americas world-record attempt rowing expedition from disaster.

  • A Clean Escape from Data Loss

    Regular data back ups and business continuity plans are critical aspects for ongoing business success. And that’s no exception for Michael Barrons of Cannon Hygiene, whose laptop computer stopped responding and it became impossible to reach out effectively to customers in the commercial, industrial, educational and healthcare sectors.

  • Electronic Dental Record Disaster Recovery Gets Clinic and Patients Smiling Again

    In the medical and dental fields, losing confidential patient electronic medical records (EMR) data is the stuff of nightmares. The Old Mill Dental Clinic in Sioux Lookout, Canada found this out the hard way when it suffered a critical loss of data.

  • He lost his precious photos, but not for long

    A photographer who jumped into a water canal with his portable backup device containing all his digital photographs to avoid an oncoming jeep speeding along a
    narrow road high up in the mountains

  • Singapore laboratory retrieves more than 100000 lost legal documents

    A Notary Public Assistant who realized that the last backup performed had not been successful and thought the company’s files which took almost one year to be digitized were now corrupted.

  • Holiday Photos: Lost and Found

    A mother, who with a click of a button, accidentally deleted 800 holiday photos of her family’s dream vacation.

  • The Day His Infallible RAID Array Failed

    One of the principals of an electrical and lighting consulting firm who discovered the company’s RAID 5 Array and tape backup had been poorly set up and fifteen years of technical drawings, specifications, proposals, and accounting data could be lost.

  • A Father's and Daughter's Recovery from Data Loss

    A father who ignores one data recovery expert who advised him to “give up on it and write it off as a loss and a bad learning experience” when his daughter’s laptop could not be recovered.

  • Data Recovery Fever

    A young mother and father who thought their children would grow up without their baby photographs and life memories that had been captured digitally and stored on their parents laptop computer.

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