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CBL Announces American Launch of Rapid RAID Recovery Service

Rapid RAID Response Designed to Expedite Service and Minimize Server Downtime

Duluth, GA, December 2, 2010 — CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. (CBL) has launched the US availability of its Rapid RAID Recovery Service, a program designed to reduce corporate server downtime, accelerate server restoration and expedite the recovery of data when corporate RAID arrays fail. Following a successful launch in Singapore, CBL is now offering this emergency recovery service to businesses across the United States.

“In this economic climate, American organizations must take every precaution to ensure online uptime of its IT infrastructure,” says CBL’s president Bill Margeson. “Our new Rapid RAID Recovery Service provides a safety net for enterprises experiencing a data failure. Our goal is to minimize data loss, rescue the critical data and minimize business disruptions.”

When a data crash occurs, CBL will arrange pickup of the failed hard drives from anywhere in the continental US. The drives are then shipped to the main lab to begin the free standard evaluation process (optional emergency evaluations are also available). Once the evaluation is complete, clients are provided with a detailed quote and estimate for emergency recovery services.

“RAID arrays are not fail-safe and can and will fail for numerous reasons,” adds Margeson. “Often those responsible for an organization’s IT may not be aware that one or more of the redundant disks have failed — or the array may be running in a degraded state and at risk of total failure.”

The most common causes of RAID failure are overheating, excessive vibration, power surges, poor quality of components and systemic damage such as failed firmware updates. In the event of a RAID array failure, CBL recommends the follow these steps to prevent further damage and data loss:

  • Turn off the system. Avoid repeated resets and power-cycling and do not run volume repair or rebuild utilities on the drives in question
  • Call a CBL emergency representative at 1-800-551-3917
  • Remove the affected member drives from the server and label each drive before providing to CBL
  • Install new hard drives into the server
  • Re-install the operating system and necessary applications to be ready to receive the recovered data back from CBL

Visit the CBL Rapid RAID Recovery page for more information.

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