September 15

As residents of the Greater Houston Area begin the cleanup after Hurricane Ike’s devastation, consumers and business owners alike who discover storm- and water-damaged computers in their homes and offices should follow this advice.

If you have family or friends in the Houston area, let them know they can reduce the risk of losing the data, files, emails and photographs residing on their computer’s water-damaged hard drive by following these tips.

While the Greater Houston Area remains in recovery mode, hard drives can be sent to CBL for recovery at:

CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.
2250 Satellite Boulevard, Suite 155
Duluth, Georgia 30097

CBL extends to victims of Hurricane Ike a 20% discount off its professional data recovery services. That’s in addition to CBL’s free evaluation of water-damaged hard drives.

Visit or call 1-800-551-3917.

CBL’s Houston laboratory is scheduled to reopen on Monday, September 22.
The facility is located at 14340 Torrey Chase Boulevard, Suite 390, Houston, TX 30097.

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