May 8

As the amount of data the world is producing and needing to store continues to multiply, its value to corporate business operations is also increasing. In the Asia-Pacific regions, with economic growth and turbulence all the same, the importance of minimizing disruption and maximizing business continuity prospects when problems occur remains.

EMC released the results of a survey on the topic today. They completed a study with 2500 IT personnel in both private and public sectors about the nature of disruptions and impact in the past year outages and data loss have had. 71% claimed to have experienced data loss or system downtime from hardware failures, corruption and power outages. Natural disasters also factored in at 20 percent. The impacts to economic elements and productivity were also analysed. EMC compiled some of the key data points into the visualization below. Check out the various areas where data loss and the lack of confidence in recovery affects business in AsiaPac regions.

key findings of the EMC Asia Pacific & Japan Disaster Recovery Survey

For more on the results see this article on ZDNet Asia:


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  1. Corayma
    Jun 7, 09:45 AM

    They are probably qotuing you a price for motherboard replacement. If the computer shorted out you don’t really know what parts, if any, have gone bad. A motherboard replacement kind of covers everything. The problem might actually be in the keyboard, as that would most likely take the brunt of a spill. I would first take the battery out. Then, if you are comfortable opening it up, or know a tech who can help, I would let it dry completely while open.I would then wash the wine off any places inside the computer using an electronic cleaner spray. These sprays are made from solvents that evaporate quickly and do not harm circuitry. Let the spray dry off, then test the power supply. If the PS is working, try putting it back together and firing it up. You might get lucky. If not, you have at least cleaned out the wine. If you have Apple Care, you can then bring it in and simply say it doesn’t work peace.

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