Ten Years on From Katrina: Reducing Impact Key so Business Can Weather the Storm

31 August 2015

10 years ago this past week Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans. Many businesses were submerged in water and either partially or totally destroyed. Recovery planning is key but taking steps to reduce impact on business goes a long way to maintaining operations.

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Saving Eyebeam's Media Archives from Sandy's Hurricane Floodwaters

16 January 2013

In October, Hurricane Sandy hit New York City causing a record storm surge to sweep through Eyebeam, leaving behind three and a half feet of saltwater mixed with sewage and corrosives.

CBL is all-too-familiar with this sort of recovery scene

This all-too-familiar scenario of data disaster threatening years of digital storage is featured in a great little video and article. Click through to watch after the jump.

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Data Disaster Impacts felt across Asia, Recovery confidence not that high [Infographic]

8 May 2012

Infographic: key findings of the EMC Asia Pacific & Japan Disaster Recovery Survey As the amount of data the world is producing and needing to store continues to multiply, its value to corporate business operations is also increasing. In the Asia-Pacific regions, with economic growth and turbulence all the same, the importance of minimizing disruption and maximizing business continuity prospects when problems occur remains.

EMC released the results of a survey on the topic today. Check out the various areas where data loss and the lack of confidence in recovery affects business in AsiaPac regions.

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