October 7

Financial Times article, October 6, 2022, Why Big Tech shreds millions of storage devices it could reuse.
Cover (top): some mangled hard drives in a large shredder machine. Illustrations of datacenter layouts and a rack-mounted server with hard drive highlighted. And a close up of a garbage dumpster full of discarded hard disk drives. Collage of photos from FT.
Article in Financial Times: read the October 6th piece.

The Financial Times has a recent longform article about data center operations and their usage and then destruction of data storage.

The piece delves into the scale of datacenter energy and storage device use and calls into question shredding practices, the 3rd party cottage industry involved with disk destruction and recycling alternatives for e-waste.

Companies like Amazon and Microsoft routinely destroy used hard drives in the name of data security — but industry insiders say there is a better option.

We understand large data centers’ need for speed and security but if you’re not a big firm you can make PC & laptop drives available for reuse and protect your privacy by wiping data with a secure erase tool. Discard with Discretion is a tech tip we share often. Reduce e-waste!

Tech Tip with purple highlights on bold black text: [Discard with Discretion] Use a secure erase tool like CBL Data Shredder to [wipe data off devices you no longer user or are recycling.] url: cbldatarecovery.com/data-shredder/  CBL Data Recovery - Your Data Recovered.
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