January 17

Can you trust 'giving the keys' to your data recovery service provider?; photo by pepperJ The worst has happened: the computer or server with your confidential and time-sensitive data has crashed. Panic starts to set in, and a quick call or visit to your IT support confirms that this issue is beyond the scope of your help desk’s services. It’s time to call in a data recovery provider. IT support probably already has a provider in mind. But what exactly are they going to do with your data? How can you trust them?

CBL Data Recovery has operated in more than fifteen countries for 20 years, handling tens of thousands of recovery cases from concerned home-users to government, banking, and fortune 500 firms. You can rest assured that your private data will remain private. ISO approved handling procedures, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Chain of Custody documentation are all available to you to help you feel confident about confidentiality.

In recent surveys of IT professionals, the author draws some conclusions that potential breaches may occur with a third-party recovery service, i.e. “21% say the breach occurred when a drive was in the possession of a third-party data service provider.” This illustrates the exact need to verify the protocols in place at your selected vendor, and examine your own IT security policies as well. Is it permissible to provide a vendor with Full-Drive Encryption recovery keys? Is it acceptable to have recovered data transported in an unencrypted state, either via shipment or online? Can your business appoint a single point-of-contact to deal with the recovery vendor, so as to coordinate any spread of potentially sensitive information or key files, and potentially avoid any miscues in delivering data to the wrong department or individual?

Spending a little time asking some questions of your provider can save you a potential headache down the road. You can find even more suggestions here on What to look for in a Data Recovery Provider.

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