Lucky the Server

20 December 2018

(To the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

Lucky the Server,
Kept his users going all day,
So were they surprised when
Before their eyes,
He went offline one day.

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CBL the Data-Saving Reindeer

22 December 2016

You know Accounting and Sales, Marketing, and Finance.
Production, Logistics, Design Group, and Freelance.
But do you recall?
The most famous department of all?

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Can you trust data recovery service providers?

17 January 2012

What does a trustworthy DR provider look like? Who can you give your keys to?; photo by pepperJ The worst has happened: the computer or server with your confidential and time-sensitive data has crashed. Panic starts to set in, and a quick call or visit to your IT support confirms that this issue is beyond the scope of your help desk’s services. It’s time to call in a data recovery provider. IT support probably already has a provider in mind. But what exactly are they going to do with your data? How can you trust them?

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Keeping e-Health Healthy: Data Recovery when IT Happens to Medical Records

8 July 2011

IT Happens in a Digital Healthcare world too; Photo by SouthernTabitha Today’s healthcare environments, from small clinics to megacity hospitals, are going digital faster than ever before. This means that more and more vital, personal, and confidential health information is being stored in digital format and this once paper-based world of doctors and healthcare professionals is now run on a huge variety of digital databases, patient data, and technology. Managing this amount of data presents increasing challenges for IT professionals and issues of security, accessibility and what to do in the event of data loss disasters arise.

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