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In the early hours of August 10, 2008, a horrific propane explosion occurred at a Sunrise Propane facility in the Toronto neighborhood of Downsview. Thousands of people evacuated the area. The majority of residents have since returned to their homes and the clean up and rebuilding of lives continues.

For individuals who have returned home to find their electronic devices such as Macs, personal computers, laptops, iPods, and digital cameras damaged by the impact of the explosions, fire and smoke, the same ‘advice’ applies that CBL Data Recovery recommended to victims of the California wildfires last October (2007).

Whether physical damage to a hard drive, either the result of human error or a natural disaster, means you must shop around for a new computer or hard drive, one or three years of unlimited data recovery coverage is now available for less than $100 US. That’s less than your daily jolt of caffeine. The CBL Data Recovery Service Protection Plan is an affordable option to paying standard data recovery fees and worth exploring further if you want to shield yourself from unexpected data recovery expenses.

If you have suffered recently a data loss and don’t have DRSPP coverage, send your drive to CBL for a free media evaluation and engineering assessment. That’s CBL’s standard practice around the world regardless of the cause of your data loss. This is backed by a “No Data, No Charge” service guarantee. You only pay for results – CBL’s successful recovery of your data.

As CBL frequently says, it’s not a matter of if a data loss disaster will strike; it’s simply a matter of when.

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