CBL Pictures: Burnt Bytes and Backups

16 November 2017

Recently, we received this laptop for recovery. The fire had ravaged the client’s home, destroying the laptop, and the backup device sitting nearby.

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CBL Pictures: Fire Damaged Hard Drives

22 July 2016

When we receive fire-damaged hard drives and computers in need of data recovery service, usually they aren’t in terribly bad shape. As you can see in these photos, unfortunately wildfires in Fort McMurray, Canada incurred extreme destruction on these drives. Sometimes the effects of a disaster are too much for recovery.

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CBL Pictures: Hard Drive Fire & Fusion

11 April 2014

phot of recent fire damaged hard drive in our labs for evaluation

We don’t often see fire-damaged drives that are in this bad shape. In a fire, rising temperatures affect the...

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CBL Pictures: From the Ashes II - Server Fire

25 September 2013

In a fire computers in your home or office really feel the heat. Rising temperatures affect both the exterior and interior of a machine as electronic components made of metal and plastic burn, melt and corrode. It’s a mess our labs often get dirty with. And the smell!

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CBL Pictures: From the Ashes - Burnt Server Hard Drive

13 January 2011

When your home or office gets caught in a fire computers definitely feel the heat. Here’s an example of an extreme data loss situation we work on from time to time.

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Are Your Archives Safe?

9 February 2010

Most companies with any sort of important historical data have archives. Years of old data packed away in the basement collecting dust. However it is important to note that even they can be at risk for disasters.

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CBL Pictures: Burnt and Crispy

28 September 2009

This is what a burnt hard drive looks like.

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Frightening Tales Of Data Recovery

31 October 2008

When CBL brings your data back to life, it'll be the kind of undead you're happy to see. Tales of data that gets drowned, burned alive and electrocuted! No matter what has happened, CBL can often recover data from the most frightening of situations.

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Data Loss Disasters Strike at Any Time. Do You Have an Emergency Data Recovery Plan?

21 August 2008

In the early hours of August 10, 2008, a horrific propane explosion occurred at a Sunrise Propane facility in the Toronto neighborhood of Downsview. Thousands of people evacuated the area. The majority of residents have since returned to their homes and the clean up and rebuilding of lives continues.

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Attention California Residents and CBL Customers

24 October 2007

As wildfires continue to ravage Southern California, CBL Data Recovery’s San Diego County laboratory remains open. CBL reminds computer users throughout the country that data can often be recovered successfully from fire-damaged storage media.

Doug Owens, Managing Director of CBL’s laboratory in El Cajon...