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Helicopter surveying flood devastated suburban Bangkok This year’s monsoon season in Thailand has had a massive impact on the nation’s manufacturing capability, and has affected the global hard drive market. The effects of ‘driveageddon’ are likely to be felt for many months to come. By early October, the Rojna industrial estate, home to major production giants like Honda, Pioneer, Hitatchi and Nikon, had been flooded, rendering the entire area non-operational.

Thailand is the world’s second-largest producer of hard disk drives, accounting for 25% of the global supply. Western Digital appears to have been affected the most, with production expected to fall 60% this fiscal quarter. Toshiba, Samsung, and Seagate have all been affected as well, to varying degrees. Hard drive supplies are expected to hold through the end of the month, with shortages expected by December. As a result, prices have already been rising with further increases expected before manufacturing capacities return to pre-flood levels.

According the the computer enthusiast website ExtremeTech pricing on various HDD units has already increased from 40% to over 130%, depending on the model. As manufacturer’s stockpiles are depleted, expect prices to rise even further.

This natural disaster is as much a threat to data as it is hard drive production capacities. Flood damaged hard drives, something CBL’s labs are no stranger to, have been casualties all across the area. CBL’s data recovery facilities have been rallying to support hundreds of inquiries already. If you have digital devices affected by flood waters, you know who to get in touch with about data recovery.

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