Dec 20, 02:53 PM

(To the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

Our Frosty the Snowman: Lucky the Server

L ucky the Server,
Had a happy DB role.
With his data pipes, and columns and rows,
He was a trustworthy console.

Lucky the Server,
Kept his users going all day,
So were they surprised when
Before their eyes,
He went offline one day.

The helpdesk needed magic,
‘Cause that Red Hat drive had bound.
But the CBL techs changed some heads,
And it started spinning ‘round.

Lucky the Server,
Was alive as he could be.
And the users say,
They could work all day,
Just the same as it used to be.

Lucky the Server,
Started running hot that day.
So he said let’s run
A backup script for fun,
Now before I yell “Mayday!”

Lucky the Server,
Migrated all the day.
Then he went to stand by,
Saying don’t you cry,
I’ll live again sold on eBay.

Category: data recovery

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