Raptor Made out of Hard Drive Parts - Lab Catches NBA Finals Fever

10 June 2019

Raptors fever in the lab: techs put heads together to make this. Wishing Toronto’s team good luck!

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Lucky the Server

20 December 2018

(To the tune of Frosty the Snowman)

Lucky the Server,
Kept his users going all day,
So were they surprised when
Before their eyes,
He went offline one day.

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How Well Something Works (After I Decide to Fix It) - an xkcd comic

16 May 2018

A humorous post about repairs from popular webcomic xkcd.

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The 12 Days of Data Recovery, expanded edition

21 December 2017

“In the 12 Days of Christmas, Customers sent to us…” Now with interactive expanded explanations!

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Total Head-Crash on the Park

18 August 2017

Every now and then our lab techs have some fun…. A solar eclipse over the U.S. and a classic song by Bonnie Tyler prompted this rewrite.

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21 June 2017

Marking the Summer Solstice…

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CBL the Data-Saving Reindeer

22 December 2016

You know Accounting and Sales, Marketing, and Finance.
Production, Logistics, Design Group, and Freelance.
But do you recall?
The most famous department of all?

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HDD-Rex: King of the Hard Drives

21 October 2016

CBL techs playing head games –

'HDD-Rex: King of the Hard Drives' - dinosaur sculpture made from hard drive parts

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Twelve Days of Data Recovery counted into 2013

7 January 2013

We counted the 12 Days of Christmas in a data recovery style over the holiday season to take us into 2013. Of course, it wasn’t really 12 days of ‘gifts’ but rather data recovery bits & bytes our customers have given us over the past year.

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We Spy Data Loss in the Wild 007

9 November 2012

We couldn’t help but ‘spy’ data loss in the wild. The new James Bond film is arriving in theaters and we noticed this in the trailer. Hard drive gone missing, Mr. Bond?

007, if you can find your lost hard drive CBL can help recover it

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Losing Data and Cross Words

1 June 2009

When we lose data, we get mad.

Cross words can be heard frequently coming from an office or a cubicle.

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