Oct 29, 08:35 AM

Data recovery is not simple or straightforward. Data loss can occur for numerous reasons. Just as numerous are misconceptions about the data recovery process.

Myth 1: Hard drive platters can easily be removed from one hard drive and read within another drive or standalone device.

Myth 2: Data recovery is covered under a hard drive’s warranty.

Myth 3: Mechanical problems within a hard drive can be fixed by software.

Myth 4: Data on a reformatted hard drive is permanently lost.

CBL Data Recovery dispels some of the misconceptions about these myths here.

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  1. Data Loss Horror Stories
    Oct 30, 02:05 PM

    Data recovery from your hard drive isn’t always a walk in the park. Always backup your data to an external source. Try online backup. Its easy, relatively inexpensive, dependable (as far as data backup goes)and the company does all the hard work for you. Works for me!

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