Nov 7, 09:30 AM

Have you ever asked yourself, “What would I do if I lost everything that I’ve stored on my computer for the last 15 years?”

Well, one CBL Data Recovery customer did. His data was on a RAID 5 and tape backup system that one data recovery firm advised was unrecoverable. Actually, they said “It was hopeless.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Far too often, customers hear those words and throw in the towel. Please don’t. Seek a second opinion. And take the advice of this businessman, “Money is no object when it comes to ensuring that your data is secure and backed up.”

He knows first hand.

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  1. JSmith
    Nov 12, 04:31 PM

    Lesson learned. Having a RAID doesn’t make your data invulnerable. I learned this the hard way. My preconfigured system came with a RAID setup so I thought I was protected. Until it failed. I’ve got copies of my data all over now. I wish I had known beforehand.

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