May 31

In an article about recycling devices and the challenges of e-waste, USA Today included a good tech tip.

USA Today Tech May 6, 2021 by Marc Saltzman: Old iPhones, PCs and printers: How to recycle or dump e-waste
Don’t forget to remove your data: Snapshot of article from USA Today Tech, May 6th, 2021. It mentions using ‘shredding’ apps like CBL Data Shredder as a pretty good method over physically destroying a drive, both for safety reasons and being environmentally conscious that wiped drives can be reused as external storage etc. Full article link below.

E-waste is an ever-growing and complicated problem and spreading awareness about it continues to be necessary from the consumer level to government policymakers and multinational corporations.

It was nice to see an article by friend of the show and longtime tech columnist Marc Saltzman with a section highlighting an important reminder: Don’t forget to remove your data when recycling or tossing devices using a secure erase app like CBL Data Shredder. We like to say “discard with discretion” as there doesn’t seem to be a lacking of incidents where data is found just sitting on devices waiting to fall into the wrong hands.

See the full article here (may require subscription):

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