March 7

The Landscape of Storage Manufacturers just got a bit smaller, but Remains a Massive Growing Technology Industry

As seen in the New York Times DealBook: Western Digital to Buy Hitachi Unit for $4.3 Billion Western Digital announced earlier today that it will be purchasing Hitachi Global Storage Technologies in a deal worth $4.3 Billion. Hitachi, as many of you may know, is no small player in the storage industry, and now the two-become-one players are hoping to combine their efforts in storage technology R&D innovation as well as product lines and customer service. The added reach it gives Western Digital is pretty nice; Hitachi is historically first-to-market with new technologies and capacities, and WD will be hoping to capitalize on this trend. You may also recall, Hitachi purchased IBM’s storage unit a number of years ago.

This is another example of some of the large players in the global storage industry combining efforts as the industry continues to grow and shape the future of many technologies. Storage has by no means shrunk in recent years. In fact, over the past decade storage capacities have continued to grow by over 60%. The amount of data people are storing in everything from the corporate enterprise to the booming home arena is growing like crazy. Like mentioned before, it’s not just about the capacities, but Western Digital and Hitachi are heavily involved in R&D of storage technologies. Finding new ways to store large amounts of data in the small device world of smartphones, tablets and laptops is a constant challenge.

CBL is a part of both these companies when it comes to data recovery — we deal with customers who own both companies’ products on a daily basis. We look forward to continuing to support our clients with data loss crises and their Western Digital or Hitachi laptop drives and SSDs. Hitachi Global Storage has a soft spot in our hearts from a purely entertainment perspective, and we hope that WD doesn’t change the ‘fun’ nature of the Storage Unit (remember the Tera Era anyone?) Here’s to the new era of these two one firm(s).

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