August 28

It’s been reported by numerous news sources that UK Bank customers’ details sold for £35 on eBay.

While investigations into the matter continue, MailSource UK – an arm of Graphic Data is not the first organization—public, private or governmental—which has captured such headlines.

Last year, a Toronto Star employee purchased a laptop for only $6.48 (equivalent of £3-£4) which contained sensitive information on a political party in Canada.

It’s true that there are ‘Secrets that don’t die when you sell your old computer’ as Singapore journalist Jeremy Au Yong highlighted in a feature story.

Whether a computer is for business or personal use, if you’re going to sell it or donate it, wipe the hard drive clean. Remember, simply deleting files does not erase them from the HDD. They still live on the drive’s platter waiting for someone to e-stumble upon them.

CBL Data Shredder is one software tool that you can download for free and then wipe your drive clean. If not, you might find yourself wiping your brow instead.

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