How to Demolish Old Hard Drive Data (keeping your data safe, the logical way)

24 March 2016

Hammering, drilling, slicing and vyse-ing your way to Data Destruction

If you have a computer that you are getting rid of you need to take special care of the data you have stored inside it. Whatever information you have saved on the hard drive inside: photos, documents, financial files, passwords, emails — personal information, does not simply go away if you hit delete or drop stuff in the Recycle Bin.

Ben Popken at NBC did a video showing some low-tech solutions to this problem. He trashes hard drives with everything from hammers and baseball bats, to submerging in water and burning with fire. Watch the video after the jump.

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Electronics Recycling in Ontario - E-Cycling!

12 July 2012

The mountain of electronics we have and eventually need to get rid of is always growing. The need to dispose of old electronics like cellphones and tvs as well as computer hardware in laptops and desktops shows no sign of slowing. But that does present some challenges with regards to how to minimize the amount of e-waste we produce as well as the impact and threat to sensitive information.

The movement to promote E-cycling is strong in Ontario, Canada.
Check out this promo video about drop-off locations:

When you drop-off an old computer for e-cycling, what information is still on the hard drive inside it? We made CBL Data Shredder for this sole purpose. Keep reading to find out more.

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Wipe Your Hard Drive, Not Your Brow

28 August 2008

It’s been reported by numerous news sources that UK Bank customers’ details sold for £35 on eBay.

While investigations into the matter continue, MailSource UK – an arm of Graphic Data is not the first organization—public, private or governmental—which has captured such headlines.


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Back to School Advice for Parents (and Students with Laptops, too)

20 August 2008

In today’s world of e-gadgets, a new or used laptop or personal computer may also be on the Back-to-School shopping list.

Here’s some advice for parents.

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Will the Summer of 2007 Damage Your Data?

29 June 2007

Residents of some cities are already hearing and reading pleas from municipal officials restrict water consumption and to reduce their power consumption and the summer of 2007 is only one week old. Blackouts and brownouts have already occurred as air conditioners and fans are working overtime to keep workers...

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Give computers a second life, not the data still on the drives

26 May 2007

Ever wondered what to do to keep your sensitive data from in front of the eyes and out of the hands of others?

CBL Data Recovery’s General Manager, Tim Margeson offers readers of The Globe and Mail advice on what to do with data that still resides on the...

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