When "Dead" Just Won't Do: Hands-on Hard Drive Diagnosis key to Recovery

12 April 2010

Have you ever called up your auto mechanic, described a series of random sounds, and expected him to tell you how to fix it? Do you call your doctor when you are experiencing sharp pains and ask him what household products you can use to get healthy again?

You know these are scenarios where hands-on diagnosis is beneficial. We explore the similarities to describing and diagnosing data recovery problems and why getting the diagnosis right is the key to a successful data recovery path.

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CBL Pictures: iPhone teardown for recovery

9 April 2010

Apple announcements about iPhones and OS 4.0 on the brain?

iPhone 3GS teardown for recovery

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Bits, Bytes and Blush

15 May 2009

Can data live to see another day after a laptop crashes to the ground?

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