Data Prep Tips for Back-to-School/Work

30 August 2018

As temperatures start to slowly drop, students and employees are emerging from a summer daze, hunkering down for the school year and getting get business in shape for the fall season. Here’s 3 ways you can get data-ready for back-to-school & back-to-work.

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Back-to-School, Back to Secure: Security Best Practices for All Age Groups

17 August 2017

Whether it’s coming to a grinding halt or a gradual slowdown, there’s no doubt about it: summer is approaching its end. But while the temperatures are decreasing, hackers are increasing their efforts targeting networks and users of all ages. Cyberattacks span payment card fraud, unintended disclosure, hacking, malware, insider leaks, and ransomware—these are only a few of the most common approaches.

Different age groups vary in online behavior and thus, are susceptible to different online scams, threats, and pitfalls. Understanding risk factors is the first step toward protecting yourself.

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