E-Waste Recycling up 53 Percent - Remember to Wipe those Drives

19 April 2012

recycling electronics? remember to wipe; photo by kyknoord Good news this week comes in an update from the Consumer Electronics Association on their ‘eCycling’ initiative reporting a big increase in electronics recycling – up 53% in the past year! Are you one of the growing number of people that are seeking out drop-off locations for used computers and electronics? Be reminded that you should wipe any hard drive before discarding or recycling it to protect yourself from any potential privacy threats or criminal activity.

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E-Waste and Security Threats exposed by Frontline

24 June 2009

PBS Frontline aired a feature about the Digital Dumping Ground in Ghana where so-called e-waste is being dumped last night. The footage revealing, exposed not only the disastrous environmental and social impact the giant amounts of electronic equipment waste is having on Ghana, but also a further side-effect: the risk of unwiped data being discovered and used for criminal activity from discarded hard drives!

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Back to School Advice for Parents (and Students with Laptops, too)

20 August 2008

In today’s world of e-gadgets, a new or used laptop or personal computer may also be on the Back-to-School shopping list.

Here’s some advice for parents.

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Give computers a second life, not the data still on the drives

26 May 2007

Ever wondered what to do to keep your sensitive data from in front of the eyes and out of the hands of others?

CBL Data Recovery’s General Manager, Tim Margeson offers readers of The Globe and Mail advice on what to do with data that still resides on the...

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