September 27

Unless you have experienced a hard drive failure, you may not be aware of the complexity how data is stored. For your intents and purposes the hard drive is home for your photos and music. A data recovery expert sees a string of ones and zeroes organized in a perfect pattern otherwise known as your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris. It’s all about perspective.

A computer that no longer boots up can point to a number of issues. To you, that question mark icon is preventing your access to your music files. To us, we can spot that your hard drive has a firmware issue, a problem we see on a regular basis. Through our careful in lab diagnosis we can pinpoint the problems specific to your hard drive.

Data recovery is not an everyday type of computer service. Specializing in this area of information technology takes years of hands on experience. Seasoned computer technicians don’t panic when the database suddenly crashes. Contacting a specialist often helps users avoid major data losses.

If you find yourself in a situation, talk to us.

Data recovery is about salvaging those ones and zeroes, but most importantly identifying the exact problem and knowing what to do. You see a blank screen. We see a bad hard drive. You see a blank camera card. We see a damaged index file. You saw your data a few minutes ago. We can recover your data today. From our perspective, there’s always a solution.

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