CBL Pictures: #10YearChallenge

25 January 2019

Have you seen the social trend popping up the last few weeks using the hashtag #10yearchallenge? We liked seeing these and thought as we completed our 25th year recovering data we surely could also get involved with our own spin. Some of our followers online showed interest in learning more about exactly what was shown in the photo so here’s an expanded breakdown.

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Throwback: Gallery of Vintage Computers

24 January 2019

#Throwback Photographer Mark Richards’ tribute to vintage computers of the past ‘Core Memory’ features gems like this old DEC hard drive, and yes, an Apple Macintosh (Happy 35th birthday)

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CBL Pictures: Burnt Bytes and Backups

16 November 2017

Recently, we received this laptop for recovery. The fire had ravaged the client’s home, destroying the laptop, and the backup device sitting nearby.

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21 June 2017

Marking the Summer Solstice…

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HDD-Rex: King of the Hard Drives

21 October 2016

CBL techs playing head games –

'HDD-Rex: King of the Hard Drives' - dinosaur sculpture made from hard drive parts

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CBL Pictures: Fire Damaged Hard Drives

22 July 2016

When we receive fire-damaged hard drives and computers in need of data recovery service, usually they aren’t in terribly bad shape. As you can see in these photos, unfortunately wildfires in Fort McMurray, Canada incurred extreme destruction on these drives. Sometimes the effects of a disaster are too much for recovery.

More pics after the jump …

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How to Demolish Old Hard Drive Data (keeping your data safe, the logical way)

24 March 2016

Hammering, drilling, slicing and vyse-ing your way to Data Destruction

If you have a computer that you are getting rid of you need to take special care of the data you have stored inside it. Whatever information you have saved on the hard drive inside: photos, documents, financial files, passwords, emails — personal information, does not simply go away if you hit delete or drop stuff in the Recycle Bin.

Ben Popken at NBC did a video showing some low-tech solutions to this problem. He trashes hard drives with everything from hammers and baseball bats, to submerging in water and burning with fire. Watch the video after the jump.

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Crikey! That's a Big Hard Drive Teardown

11 September 2015

Look at the size of this hard drive – and we’re not talking about its capacity. No, not the ones pictured here…..watch the video after the jump to see the vintage.

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CBL Pictures: Hard Drive Fire & Fusion

11 April 2014

phot of recent fire damaged hard drive in our labs for evaluation

We don’t often see fire-damaged drives that are in this bad shape. In a fire, rising temperatures affect the...

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CBL Pictures: Size doesn't matter

22 May 2013

We don’t see these sort of gigantic hard drives in our data recovery labs often anymore, but it’s no problem…

The read/write heads of an old hard drive sent in for recovery - pictured with a quarter for size comparison

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We Spy Data Loss in the Wild 007

9 November 2012

We couldn’t help but ‘spy’ data loss in the wild. The new James Bond film is arriving in theaters and we noticed this in the trailer. Hard drive gone missing, Mr. Bond?

007, if you can find your lost hard drive CBL can help recover it

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Data Safety: The Value of Your Data to a Hacker

18 October 2012

We’ve talked about data safety and protection before. Besides the destruction of information from crashes and deletion, threats to your data’s safety come in the form of threats to its security, and that affects your privacy.

Tech columnist Brian Krebs has a great article where he tries to tackle the challenge of explaining why a hacker would want to get into your PC. What’s interesting is that most of the items listed are some sort of data or personal information.

Ways that cyber crooks can put your PC, in particular its data, to criminal use

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CBL Pictures: Gigabyte to Terabytes

30 August 2012

For fun, here is a comparison of some old storage media with something in our data recovery lab right now.

a 1 GB IBM 3380 from 1980 and a RAID array case in our data recovery lab today 48TB

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A Large Piece of Storage Technology History

22 February 2011

Do you know what this is being loaded onto a plane?

what is being loaded onto a plane here? Hint: a piece of storage technology history

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All We See Is The Code

27 September 2010

Unless you have experienced a hard drive failure, you may not be aware of the complexity how data is stored. A CBL data recovery expert sees a string of ones and zeroes organized in a perfect pattern otherwise known as your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris. It’s all about perspective.

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Strobeshnik hard drive clock

8 March 2010

We can definitely appreciate coming up with creative uses of old hard drives here at CBL.

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When Dad's Data Needs Recovering

12 June 2009

Okay. Has the search begun yet for a unique gift for your dad, stepfather, or grandfather for Father’s Day?

Does Daddy store his data on a Windows laptop, PC or server?

Does Father upload photographs of family vacations, birthday parties and other events from his digital camera to his...

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Bits, Bytes and Blush

15 May 2009

Can data live to see another day after a laptop crashes to the ground?

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CBL Pictures: Head Stack Assembly

24 April 2009

Head stack assembly photo

Here’s a picture of a head stack assembly removed from a hard drive. It was taken from a multi-platter drive during a recovery. So how do you remove the head stack from a hard drive? Very carefully.

Keep a Lid on IT

5 February 2009

...resist the temptation to tamper with or hand over the drive to anyone but a professional data recovery specialist…

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Can you afford to be without your data?

14 January 2009

Hard drives don’t discriminate. Whether the economy is in a recession or a boom, no one is immune to data loss. It’s never a matter of IF data loss will happen; it’s simply a matter of WHEN.

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