April 23

An Earth Day throwback with some lost shots from CBL’s recovery for an ocean expedition

Camera cards arranged on a purple counter in shape of a smiley face. Recovered by CBL from equipment that went overboard when an ocean world-record rowing attempt capsized.
Some of the camera cards that data was retrieved from containing photos, videos and ocean research data. The OAR Northwest expedition team was definitely smiling after a successful recovery.

The story of a small rowboat and environmental research team’s almost world-record voyage across the Atlantic until disaster struck is easily worth it’s own post. But before you read the ocean epic, check out these extra pics from CBL’s successful recovery of hard drives, camera cards from water-damage and corrosion.

Two hard drives in a tray looking wet and dirty, almost rusty, before data was recovered from a capsized world-record rowing attempt that was also collecting ocean research data.
Close-up of two hard drives in a tray looking wet and dirty, almost rusty from salt-water. Both required careful cleaning before recovery process could begin.

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