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Picture this.

It’s Monday morning and you’re headed to work where you’re conducting back to back meetings all day. Traffic is out of control and you’re checking the clock every two minutes knowing that you’re barely going to make it on time. You finally get to your office and have a harried few seconds to gather your thoughts, grab your things, and jog to the meeting room on the other side of the building. Large coffee in one hand, laptop teetering precariously on the other, you turn the corner and – WHAM!

It’s as if slow motion suddenly ensues while the coffee leaves your mug, flies through the air, and collides with your computer screen right before your eyes. The co-worker you just plowed into looks utterly flabbergasted and lets out a cry of indignation. However, you notice only the dripping laptop in your right hand as the screen promptly turns as black as your coffee. To make matters worse, you’ve been so busy lately that you simply haven’t had time to back up all your important files.

Did we mention it was a Monday?

With your laptop now out of commission and the wrath of the already overworked IT department looming (they’ve been nagging you to back up your computer for weeks), you seek refuge in your office, which now seems utterly useless.

Keep calm and brew on

Keep calm and brew on - data recovery is CBL's daily grind
This is just one of hundreds of distressing data loss scenarios we’ve encountered over the years. Liquid is public enemy #1 when it comes to electronics, however water damage is unfortunately not the only threat to your device. Damage to your electronic device can result from any of the following:

  1. Hard drive failure from dropped device
  2. Manufacturing defects
  3. Sudden changes in voltage/power outage
  4. Malware or viruses
  5. Fire or flood accidents/explosions
  6. Other (insert uncommon disastrous event here)

For starters, you never want to underestimate potential damage after an unwelcome run in with liquids. Chances are, you will experience some sort of malfunction since water and other liquids quickly and easily penetrate small openings and crevices.

But for any of the examples listed, it’s important to note that every component of your computer is susceptible to damage, including the motherboard, CPU, optical drives, and hard drive.

Above all, you need to be cognizant of potential data loss. While your physical computer can always be replaced, the data contained within it cannot often be replicated. If you act quickly though, there is a chance it can be fully recovered, like it was in the case outlined above.

Pressed for time?

There area number of different methods for recovering lost data in the case that you drop your device, experience a sudden power outage, or accidentally dump your coffee everywhere. Specifically for laptop and hard drive data recovery, the entire device, or simply the hard drive component would need to be examined.

But what about different or uncommon data loss scenarios?
We’re glad you asked.

If you’re unfamiliar with the many ways data is compromised, here are several scenarios that have occurred that have proven records of data loss recovery:

  • Enterprise storage system failures
  • Loss of RAID configuration settings or system registry
  • Inadvertent reconfiguration of RAID volume.
  • Loss of digital & high-res graphic design files
  • Deleted, hidden or maliciously or accidentally damaged data

These scenarios are not a signal to give up hope. Various recovery methods available to you address all kinds of damage and data loss that could happen to your device, including but not limited to those listed above. Even if it seems a little more complicated than a simple coffee spill, many cases and many years of experience have proven that data is oftentimes still recoverable with the right tools.

This is our daily grind

Almost 30% of data loss is caused by human error but oftentimes it’s totally outside your control. That’s why we actively monitor buggy disk drive models and proactively develop fixes for when clients come to us with unexpected cases of data loss.That also explains why we have over 35,000 hard drives and SSD in stock – you better believe we’ve got the tools and services handy to fix your device(s).

So, here’s the moral of the story:your own little coffee spill scenario can still have a happy ending. How’s that for a pick me up? Just be sure to act quickly enough to intercept a potential loss of data. Call CBL Data Recovery as soon as your device has been compromised and leave the rest up to us. After all, everything we brew, we brew it for you.

And if you take only one thing away from this, remember – your computer is not a cupholder (see photo above).

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