Oct 20, 01:10 PM

Number 90

We see a lot of numbers around the lab and business world about data loss and recovery. Before a data disaster, some of these statistics can help business owners when determining continuity plans and during a data disaster where experts like CBL come in.

Here’s a few kicking about:

77 percent of the time, companies testing tape backups find discrepancies or failures.

40 percent of data loss is caused by hardware failure.

29 percent of data loss is caused by some form of human error, according to Safeware. In particular when it comes to chance for recovery, letting trusted experts at CBL attend to affected media first is your best bet despite the good intentions of your IT department techs attempting fixes.

10 days after a natural disaster incident, companies unable to resume business are unlikely to survive more than a year, according to the Strategic Research Institute.

6 percent of all computers in an organization suffer some sort of data loss in a year according to experts. While possibly not large-scale, at least one employee or computer system will be affected by lost information that can be mediated by backups and recovery services.

And the big 90 at the top of this post? 90 percent of the world’s data, all of it, every type, has been created in the past 2-3 years alone. Have you backed up your portion of it?

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