Dissecting the Digitization: Data Age 2025

18 December 2018

The latest IDC Data Age 2025 whitepaper The Digitization of the World (from Edge to Core) is available now. We’re breaking down some of the key points in the report for you.

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I’ve Got the Power: Gearing Up for a Stronger, Greener Grid

21 March 2018

Lights out, everybody! A nationwide, permanent power outage could occur.

As our daily live grow more entangled with sophisticated devices and technology, so too does the potential for exploitation of vulnerabilities in those devices and systems.

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Equifax: Zero Credit for Poor Handling of Massive Data Breach

26 September 2017

“Based on the information provided, we believe that your personal information may have been impacted by this incident.”

Sound familiar? You and 143 million other people in the United States, the UK, and Canada.That’s right – Americans weren’t the only ones affected by the massive Equifax data breach.

It’s been quite a year for data breaches (many a result of escalating and evolving ransomware), but this situation was largely precipitated by Equifax’s negligence. Companies who feel they are taking extensive preventative measures can always do more. Being on the defense is not the same as mounting an offense.

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Amazon Goes Grocery Shopping, Buys Whole Foods

23 June 2017

More and more, businesses are looking for ways to blend brick-and-mortar stores with online services. The company that rules the online marketplace? Amazon. But Bezos is branching out.

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Paring Down the Data: Data Age 2025

24 April 2017

IDC has released a long white paper, Data Age 2025, on the evolution of data in our lives, how we have moved through different eras of data and computing and highlighting key trends today. We break down the main points, talk about it’s new critical nature, and a bit about pizza toppings.

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The Hidden Hazard: Protecting Your Organization from Insider Threats

8 February 2016

Cybersecurity concern: Insiders

Threats to the security and safety of your data are all around. Many people are familiar with the most common Internet dangers, such as Phishing scams, stolen passwords, browser vulnerability, and hackers. However, there’s another, more duplicitous danger at work. In recent years, Insider Threats have become a huge Cybersecurity concern.

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Where Is Cloud Data Actually Stored?

25 February 2015

How Cloud Storage Works

With the rise in popularity of cloud-based data storage, more people are asking where and how information is actually stored by cloud providers. More precisely, what exactly is the ‘cloud’, and how secure is storing and sending information through the virtual network? It’s important to have a basic understanding of how your information is being handled–particularly the aspects of a service provider that you should be cognizant of in order to ensure the safety and privacy of your data.

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Five Numbers about Data Loss Business Owners Should Know

20 October 2014

We see a lot of numbers around the lab and business world about data loss and recovery. Here’s data loss stat numbers that have been kicking about.

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Digital Universe of Data Continues to Grow

28 April 2014

The IDC is in with their latest report on the ever-expanding ‘Digital Universe’. Latest figures highlight that the world’s data is up to a staggering 4.4 ZETTAbytes.

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Critical Business Data Remains Vulnerable to Attack, Natural Disaster

3 April 2012

It’s Spring! Time to review & renew your business continuity plan. According to a recent survey of small and medium business owners and IT decision makers, businesses are leaving themselves increasingly vulnerable to the loss of data and the potential for a privacy breach.

The revelations come from a recent survey commissioned by Primus Business Services, which shows nearly two-thirds (60 per cent) of participating small and medium businesses invest less than 10 per cent of their budgets in data security…

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The Perils of Tape Recoveries

26 February 2009

Many companies continue to use tape backups to store corporate data. While storing data on tapes might be easy and convenient, restoring data from tapes is a completely different matter. A tape recovery can be a long and difficult process.

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IT Resellers: Lost Data Is Found Revenue

16 January 2009

So what does a reseller of IT goods and services do to generate a profit in these challenging economic times?

While it currently may be a challenge to sell a new IT solution to replace a company’s existing infrastructure, there are ongoing opportunities which emerge from customers who keep their older systems: it’s not a matter IF data loss will happen; it’s simply a matter of WHEN.

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Avoid Hazards Both On and Off the Course

8 August 2008

Without a good drive, your business could be handicapped, too. Your data could be held captive.

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Rare Music Files Rescued from Severely Damaged Hard Drive

5 November 2007

Heads and Tales: Out of the Ashes

When vintage music store, M.C. Productions Vintage Recordings, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada was destroyed in a fire, owner Mickey Clark lost all of the CDs he had compiled from his massive record collection, all of the backup disks from the music files he had digitized, and half of his inventory of 20,000 original recordings dating back to 1902. In addition, both of his hard drives were drowning in two feet of water. To the distraught performer, that meant the possible loss of thousands of music files many of which were Clark’s only copies which he started collecting at the age of eight.

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Heads and Tales: CBL Found the File No Other Company Could

10 May 2007

Marianne Richmond, owner of Marianne Richmond Studios in Minneapolis, had almost given up on data recovery specialists when her personal computer’s hard drive failed last year. Nobody could find the only file she desperately wanted — her personal journal for the past 10 years.

Her 500-page journal was crammed...

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